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EV MARINE, based in the UK, offers a bespoke program development service to design and develop complete electric propulsion system solutions from the concept to high quality end product for individual vessels catering to the customers’ specifications. With EV MARINE R&D, we begin each project with in-depth feasibility studies ensuring the product can be realised with current state of the art technologies. EV MARINE’s team of highly capable engineers have a wide range of experience in system integration of electronics, high voltage batteries and system management software and are available to transform your ideas into a proof of concept and prototype prior to manufacturing.

EV MARINE has the skills and expertise to supply tailored electric propulsion systems, working with the customer through all phases of the design through to assembly and testing. Our extensive knowledge and experience allows us to provide a comprehensive, customized solution for your needs – regardless of vessel type, power, range, size or geographical location. As every application requires a unique motor for its purpose, with specific performance criteria, packaging size, mounting and even the environment that it's being designed for and operated in being taken into consideration, EV MARINE does not currently offer an off-the-shelf outboard package. We welcome you to explore the EV MARINE showcase of bespoke electric propulsion systems that we have developed from the ground up, available on our website.

Our expertise in electric propulsion systems enables us to support a diverse range of engineering problems:

  • Ability to offer flexible, customised solutions to meet your requirements and costs.

  • Simplified installation designs.

  • Ability to match specific application power curves.

  • Motors with power ranges from 15kW to 500kW.

  • Motors for voltages from as low as 24V to 800V.

  • Motors with torque rattngs typically from 70Nm to 10kN-m.

  • High voltage invertors, high power controllers, designed for use in large hybrid or fully electric vehicles.

    "With extensive research and development,
    we aim to deliver an environmentally focused,
    green technology solution against the unique
    challenges of the marine world."

    Ocean water covers more than 70 percent of the Earth, and only in recent decades have we begun to understand how humans impact this habitat. Increased pressure is now being placed on the marine industry to reduce its impact on the Marine Environment.

    All modes of transportation are gradually being converted to electric propulsion and that includes maritime transport. As an electric vessel will have zero tailpipe emissions, introducing this change will have a huge impact on reducing global and local water and air pollution.

    Electric motors are perfectly suited for the boats due to their instant large torque capacity from zero RPM granting the ability to push a boat instantly through the water.

    Internal combustion engines (ICE), have to rev up to deliver the torque needed to propel the boat forward through water. This lag in time is a significant proportion of what is termed the hole shot (how long it takes for a boat to go from rest to on the plane).

    The system being designed and developed by EV marine are able to be charged by either 110 or 240 volt AC or a specific DC power supply. This means that the vessel can be charged whilst being moored up or at home making the system very easy to use.

    Boats operate in direct contact with our world's valuable water resources, so changing to clean, electric power outboard is an efficient and sustainable transition for water transportation.

    With extensive research and development, we aim to deliver an environmentally focused, green technology solution against the unique challenges of the marine world.

  • Lower initial cost

  • Ease of access for repair and maintenance of the engine

  • Easy to swap or change engines between boats

  • East to remove, replace, exchange and ship outboard engines anywhere in the world

  • Ease of winterisation

  • Higher cruising and top speed

  • Reduced noise, vibration and harshness (NVH) when compared to an inboard

  • More efficient use of hull space

  • Generally easier to control

  • Engine can tilt in and out of water

  • Produces more power per pound than inboard motors

  • Two engines provide redundancy Low Points

  • Uprgrade potential - If you choose to replace the motor later for a larger, upgraded model, changing the outboard engine is straightforward

  • Special trim systems can optimize running angle for efficiency and comfort

  • Draft - the ability to trim the outboards up by way of 20" of draft might be critically necessary if shallow waters are encountered.

  • Clean and economic - reduced water and air pollution
  • High propulsion efficiency
  • Quiet operation - Less noise, making boating more pleasant
  • Offers smooth torque delivery
  • Reduced running costs
  • Ultra low maintenance
  • Quick and reliable operation
  • Quick and easy start
  • Accurate speed control
  • Less vibration
  • Compact

  • Extensive electric propulsion knowledge and other
    high-performance drive and actuation applications allow us to offer:

  • Complete control over our battery configurations, also us to offer bespoke solutions.
  • Design of bespoke controllers, charging systems and BMS (Battery management systems).
  • High voltage invertors, high power controllers, designed for use in large hybrid or fully electric vessels.
  • This is all backed up by extensive validation, system functionality and durability testing.
  • Full servicing of high voltage traction batteries.
  • In-house electronic hardware & Firmware capabilities.
  • Experience developing motors for large scale applications - up to 10kN-m.
  • Design of motor drive inverters up to and beyond 1000V.
  • Main prototypes developed in-house.

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    EV Marine has become a part of the ATC Drivetrain family. We continue to serve as a leader in design, development and production of electric propulsion technology —supporting services so our customers can focus on their core businesses.